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Residents in Albany, New York who read the Bible weekly


How well do you know the spiritual profile of your city and state? 

Every city and state has its own spiritual profile—a picture of its people’s religious views, attitudes and lifestyles.

With Barna’s new Cities and States reports, you can get an expanded, new view of your area, and gain a greater understanding of the people you’re trying to serve.  What denomination are most residents in your city? How often do they attend church? How often do they open their Bibles? What’s their age, gender and ethnic makeup?

Get answers to these questions and many more with these reports, featuring 256 data points such as:

Religious affiliation
Church attendance
Bible engagement
Faith habits

What’s new for 2015:

Comparative analysis providing a look at your entire region
More cities to choose from – 117 cities for 2015, 21 more than last edition
More ways to analyze the data – now includes more than 250 data factors
Bigger database – More than 60,000 interviews (up from 42,000 last time)

In an information-driven, post-Christian culture, you need the most current data. Equip yourself with the nation’s most powerful database on faith, so you can connect with the people in your area more effectively. Barna’s proprietary theolographic® data provides a unique resource for leaders, helping you navigate a changing world.


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Learn moreRead a brief interview with David Kinnaman, president of Barna Group, about how these powerful new reports can be put to use for your organization.


If your ministry or organization operates across the nation, you need this comprehensive database of all 117 cities and 48 states to understand which areas to focus on for greatest results. To purchase the complete set of Cities or States reports, or for more information, contact us at 805.639.0000 or research[at]



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    Boise, Idaho, has the second-largest population of Mormons (12%), behind Salt Lake City, Utah (49%)

    Conservative Christians

    Lincoln, Nebraska, has the largest population of conservative practicing Christians (65%).


    West Palm Beach Florida has the highest percent of Jewish residents (8%)


    Practicing Christians in Colorado Springs have the highest divorce rate (36%)

    Christian Faith

    San Francisco’s population is least likely to identify as “Christian” (63%)


    Montgomery, Alabama, has the highest number of Baptists (58%)

    Church Giving

    Four out of five El Paso, Texas, and Greenville, South Carolina, residents have donated to a church in the previous year


    Las Vegas has the highest proportion of churches with 1000+ attenders (23%)


    Fort Myers-Naples, Florida, has the highest proportion of Muslims (7%)

    Importance of Faith

    Shreveport and Montgomery, Alabama, residents are most likely to rank their faith as very important (86%).


    Montgomery, Alabama, residents most strongly feel a responsibility to evangelize (58%).


    Just one in four NYC residents are Protestant


    Nearly half of all Harlingen and El Paso residents are Catholic (48%)


    Green Bay takes the top spot for the highest population of Lutherans (27%)

    Commitment to Faith

    Residents of Springfield, Missouri, are mostly likely to say they are absolutely committed to their faith (84%).

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