David Kinnaman

Know the Spiritual Context of Your Area

Barna Group is pleased to announce the new 2013 editions of Cities and States. The following is a brief interview with David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, about how these powerful new reports can be put to use for your organization.

What was the idea behind producing the new reports, Cities and States?
Everyone is curious about how their city or region is unique. For marketers and ministry leaders, there is a great deal of interest in how faith, religion and spirituality differ from city to city and from state to state. Since Barna Group has a robust database on faith, we wanted to provide decision-makers with a way to access that information. This data is now available in two companion reports, one focusing on cities (or markets) and one on the nation’s 48 lower states. It is also available for individual cities or states for those who just operate in specific areas.

What do you mean by “market”? And how many markets are included?
In this case, we are referring to a ‘media market,’ and each market region is defined based upon what local television they receive. The report includes 96 media markets, the largest ones in the U.S. Sometimes these markets include multiple cities that are adjacent to one another.

How do you get the data?
Every year, we interview thousands of people nationwide through random, representative polling. For these reports, we used our most recent interviews and sliced them into the various cities (or markets) and states in which respondents live. This database is made up of more than 42,000 interviews. With this information, we can create a substantial faith profile of 96 markets and 48 states.

Who are these reports designed for?
The complete, comprehensive Cities and States reports are crafted for organizational leaders who have responsibility for a national audience or constituency. Leaders in media, ministry, marketing, television, magazines, publishing, non-profit, and advocacy have used these reports and have found them to be extremely useful. We have been thrilled to hear their responses. Here’s one example, from Lisa Pang of World Vision:
“World Vision has used Barna’s Cities and States reports in several of our strategic initiatives when we needed to understand and pick the best markets for fundraising or building awareness. The theolographic® attributes are extremely helpful and are probably the best available in the country. Those attributes provide a great picture for us as we try to ascertain the religious segments in each of the markets. These reports are user friendly and very thorough—a cost effective way of getting helpful faith-related information very quickly.”

Can someone just see their own city or state data, rather than the whole report?
Yes. This year, in response to the many requests we received, we are offering both the comprehensive reports, which include all the markets and states, and the individual reports for each of the 96 cities and 48 states.

Who should we contact for more information?
DK – Call us at 805-639-0000 or email us at research@barna.org.

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