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Birmingham, AL residents who feel a responsibility to share their faith


Top 10 Florida

Top 10 Florida
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The Faith Profile of the State of Florida. The sunny state of Florida attracts vacationers, snowbirds and golfers alike (perhaps because there are more golf courses in Florida than in any other state). In addition, the state has become a haven for retirees, giving the state a slightly older median age. These demographic factors have a strong impact on the Christian community profile in Florida as well. Overall, the percent of practicing Christians living in Florida is around average. Yet, nearly one-third of all practicing Christians in Florida are Elders (ages 67 plus), placing it among the top five states... Read More
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Texas Top 10
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The Faith Profile of the state of Texas.  As the buckle of the Bible belt, Texas reflects a very Christianized profile: Half of the state’s residents are born again (49%) and they tend to rank higher than other states in terms of religious activity, especially Bible reading, evangelism (or faith-sharing responsibilities) and Sunday school attendance. Overall, 89% of the state’s residents describe themselves as Christians, with Baptists being the most prominent slice of the population (21%). Still, despite all this, the orthodoxy of their beliefs is generally average. Half of Texans believe that good works result in heaven and more... Read More
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    Shared My Faith

    3 in 4 in Fresno, CA shared their faith in the past year


    Wichita has the greatest number of Methodists (15%)

    Top Protestant City

    Knoxville, TN has the greatest percentage of Protestants (83%)


    Salt Lake City has the most people who volunteer weekly


    NYC has the largest population of Jewish residents (11%)

    Bible Readers

    66% of Shreveport, LA residents read the Bible in the past week

    Don't Believe in God

    Boston has the highest number of residents (8%) who do not believe in God


    More than 1 in 4 Green Bay, WI residents attend a Lutheran church


    Knoxville, TN has the highest number of Baptists (59%)


    Las Vegas has most politically conservative practicing Christians (64%)


    97% of Pittsburgh residents have donated to a non-profit in the past year

    Top Catholic Cities

    Harlingen and El Paso, TX have highest percentage of Catholics


    Birmingham residents feel the strongest responsibility to share their faith (58%)


    Las Vegas has second largest population of Mormons

    Prayer Life

    Shreveport residents are most likely to pray in a typical week (95%)


    More than half of all adults in Burlington, VT are unchurched

    Church Attendance

    More people attend church weekly in Chattanooga, TN than any other city


    Chattanooga residents are more likely to have an orthodox view of God (86%)

    Land of Plenty

    NYC has largest percent of residents who identify with "other faith" groups

    Self-Identified Christians

    97% of those in Shreveport identify themselves as Christian