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Residents in Albany, New York who read the Bible weekly


Politically Conservative Practicing Christians

Conservative Christians
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Politically Conservative Practicing Christians. Would it surprise you to know Las Vegas, NV has the highest concentration of practicing Christians who are politically conservative? It’s true—while the U.S. average is 42%, 64% of practicing Christians living in Las Vegas consider themselves to be politically conservative. That’s 1.5 times greater than the national norm and seven percent-points higher than the second ranked city in this category, Champaign-Springfield-Decatur, IL. As a part of our regular national tracking studies, Barna: Cities asks the question, “When it comes to political and social issues, do you consider yourself to be mostly conservative, mostly liberal, or... Read More
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Megachurch Cities
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One of the major trends of recent decades has been the rise of the “megachurch”—that is, congregations that attract huge numbers of people each weekend. So how big is the megachurch audience, exactly?
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    Montgomery, Alabama, has the highest number of Baptists (58%)


    West Palm Beach Florida has the highest percent of Jewish residents (8%)


    Practicing Christians in Colorado Springs have the highest divorce rate (36%)

    Church Giving

    Four out of five El Paso, Texas, and Greenville, South Carolina, residents have donated to a church in the previous year


    Boise, Idaho, has the second-largest population of Mormons (12%), behind Salt Lake City, Utah (49%)


    Just one in four NYC residents are Protestant


    Las Vegas has the highest proportion of churches with 1000+ attenders (23%)


    Green Bay takes the top spot for the highest population of Lutherans (27%)

    Christian Faith

    San Francisco’s population is least likely to identify as “Christian” (63%)

    Commitment to Faith

    Residents of Springfield, Missouri, are mostly likely to say they are absolutely committed to their faith (84%).

    Importance of Faith

    Shreveport and Montgomery, Alabama, residents are most likely to rank their faith as very important (86%).


    Nearly half of all Harlingen and El Paso residents are Catholic (48%)


    Fort Myers-Naples, Florida, has the highest proportion of Muslims (7%)

    Conservative Christians

    Lincoln, Nebraska, has the largest population of conservative practicing Christians (65%).


    Montgomery, Alabama, residents most strongly feel a responsibility to evangelize (58%).

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