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Shreveport, LA residents who read the Bible in the past week


Politically Conservative Practicing Christians

Conservative Christians
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Politically Conservative Practicing Christians. Would it surprise you to know Las Vegas, NV has the highest concentration of practicing Christians who are politically conservative? It’s true—while the U.S. average is 42%, 64% of practicing Christians living in Las Vegas consider themselves to be politically conservative. That’s 1.5 times greater than the national norm and seven percent-points higher than the second ranked city in this category, Champaign-Springfield-Decatur, IL. As a part of our regular national tracking studies, Barna: Cities asks the question, “When it comes to political and social issues, do you consider yourself to be mostly conservative, mostly liberal, or... Read More
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Megachurch Cities
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One of the major trends of recent decades has been the rise of the “megachurch”—that is, congregations that attract huge numbers of people each weekend. So how big is the megachurch audience, exactly? In our national research, Barna Group tracks the size of the churches that Americans attend. Overall, only about one in 10 self-identified Christians (10%) in America attend a church with at least 1,000 attenders. In other words, while megachurches are a much-discussed trend, the vast majority of American Christians attend smaller churches. As part of the Barna: Cities effort, we can pinpoint America’s most and least megachurch-oriented... Read More
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    Self-Identified Christians

    97% of those in Shreveport identify themselves as Christian

    Weekly Bible Reading

    Just one in five residents of Albany, NY read the Bible in the past week

    Bible Readers

    66% of Shreveport, LA residents read the Bible in the past week

    Shared My Faith

    3 in 4 in Fresno, CA shared their faith in the past year

    Church Attendance

    More people attend church weekly in Chattanooga, TN than any other city

    Top Protestant City

    Knoxville, TN has the greatest percentage of Protestants (83%)


    Las Vegas has most politically conservative practicing Christians (64%)

    Prayer Life

    Shreveport residents are most likely to pray in a typical week (95%)


    97% of Pittsburgh residents have donated to a non-profit in the past year


    NYC has the largest population of Jewish residents (11%)

    Sunday School

    More than half of people in Jackson, MS attended Sunday School this week

    Small Churches

    Shreveport, LA has greatest number attending small churches (<100)


    Las Vegas has highest attendance of churches with 1000+ members


    Wichita has the greatest number of Methodists (15%)


    More than 1 in 4 Green Bay, WI residents attend a Lutheran church


    Knoxville, TN has the highest number of Baptists (59%)

    Notional Christians

    59% of Christians in Albany, NY have not made a commitment to Jesus


    3 in 10 residents of San Francisco do not identify with the term "Christian"

    Top Catholic Cities

    Harlingen and El Paso, TX have highest percentage of Catholics

    Don't Believe in God

    Boston has the highest number of residents (8%) who do not believe in God