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Pittsburgh residents who donated to a charity last year

About Barna: Cities

Cities matter.

The economic well-being of a nation rests largely on the health of its cities. Likewise, the spiritual vitality of the U.S. is deeply connected to the faith of the people living in its largest cities.

We are launching Barna: Cities for this reason—to provide better information to leaders about the state of faith in their city.

In a lot of ways, it’s more important than ever to understand local trends in light of national patterns. City metrics are crucial. For one thing, faith leaders are facing increasing pressure to provide meaningful contributions to their communities. And as denominationalism morphs into new forms, the most effective leaders will find new ways to partner with each other and serve their cities.

We hope Barna: Cities can help.


In addition to providing loads of free data and analysis on this website, we are introducing a series of downloadable  reports by city and by state.

Here is what we’ve done: our team has taken $2 million dollars’ worth of Barna Group’s national tracking research from the last five or so years. This represents more than 40,000 individuals who gave about 18 minutes of their time for an in-depth interview about their faith, priorities, and opinions.

Next, we compiled the numbers into data reports on America’s largest 96 cities—defined by the dominant media market. Each of these reports contains about 230 facts on each city, hundreds of population projections and numerous indexes about how each city compares with the rest of the country. You can visit the Barna: Cities Store and browse for your city.

We also have the same types of reports available for each of the continental U.S. states. The State Store is found here.

You can buy the entire set of reports by buying the Cities 2013 and States 2013 reports. Click here for more info.

Need something more customized? Our research team would be pleased to help your organization create and conduct a custom study of the geography you serve.

Contact us if you have suggestions or ideas. We’d love to hear from you.

We hope you enjoy Barna: Cities.

—David Kinnaman
President, Barna Group



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    Knoxville, TN has the highest number of Baptists (59%)

    Sunday School

    More than half of people in Jackson, MS attended Sunday School this week

    Practicing Christians

    Birmingham, AL and Springfield, MO have most practicing Christians (69%)

    Bible Readers

    66% of Shreveport, LA residents read the Bible in the past week


    Las Vegas has most politically conservative practicing Christians (64%)

    Church Attendance

    More people attend church weekly in Chattanooga, TN than any other city


    3 in 10 residents of San Francisco do not identify with the term "Christian"


    NYC has the largest population of Jewish residents (11%)

    Shared My Faith

    3 in 4 in Fresno, CA shared their faith in the past year


    More than 1 in 4 Green Bay, WI residents attend a Lutheran church


    Las Vegas has second largest population of Mormons


    Las Vegas has highest attendance of churches with 1000+ members

    Land of Plenty

    NYC has largest percent of residents who identify with "other faith" groups

    Prayer Life

    Shreveport residents are most likely to pray in a typical week (95%)

    Top Catholic Cities

    Harlingen and El Paso, TX have highest percentage of Catholics

    Don't Believe in God

    Boston has the highest number of residents (8%) who do not believe in God


    Birmingham residents feel the strongest responsibility to share their faith (58%)

    Weekly Bible Reading

    Just one in five residents of Albany, NY read the Bible in the past week


    More than half of all adults in Burlington, VT are unchurched

    Small Churches

    Shreveport, LA has greatest number attending small churches (<100)