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Boston residents who don’t believe in God

The Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities in the U.S. in 2014

  Jan. 23, 2014 – The social, economic and political values of any given city compose a...

Top 10 Florida

Top 10 Florida

The Faith Profile of the State of Florida. The sunny state of Florida attracts vacationers, snowbirds and...

Post-Christian America

The Most Post-Christian Cities

Post-Christian Metrics: The level of irreligion in America depends on how you measure it. And the vitality...

Politically Conservative Practicing Christians

Conservative Christians

Politically Conservative Practicing Christians. Would it surprise you to know Las Vegas, NV has the highest concentration...

BU012314_site_thumb Top 10 Florida Post-Christian America Politically Conservative Practicing Christians
Top 10 Chicago
The Faith Profile of Chicago, IL. Rich in cultural diversity, the city of Chicago creates a vibrant and exciting backdrop for the typical city-dwellers’ regular activities; which for just one-third of the city’s residents includes reading the Bible.  To some extent, Chicagoans tend to be more skeptical and more likely to say they do not believe in God. But this should not be taken to mean Chicago is anti-religion or... Read More
read the Bible (past week)
do not believe in God
Mosaics - % practicing Christians
donated to churches
white - % practicing Christians
never been married - % practicing Christian
single parent - % practicing Christian
divorce rate - % practicing Christian
liberal political ideology - % practicing Christian

Post-Christian Metrics: The level of irreligion in America depends on how you measure it. And the vitality of faith in America is much more than simply how people label themselves. Barna Group tracks the following 15 metrics related to faith, which speak to the lack of Christian identity, belief and practice. Read more of Barna Group’s research on the “Nones,” secularization and post-Christian America. Post-Christian = meet at least 60%... Read More

  Jan. 23, 2014 – The social, economic and political values of any given city compose a richly distinct cultural climate—but what about the spiritual values? How does one city differ in spiritual profile to the next? Barna Group’s latest... Read More

Barna Group is pleased to announce the new 2013 editions of Cities and States. The following is a brief interview with David Kinnaman, president of the Barna Group, about how these powerful new reports can be put to use for... Read More

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    Small Churches

    Shreveport, LA has greatest number attending small churches (<100)

    Prayer Life

    Shreveport residents are most likely to pray in a typical week (95%)

    Weekly Bible Reading

    Just one in five residents of Albany, NY read the Bible in the past week


    Las Vegas has second largest population of Mormons


    3 in 10 residents of San Francisco do not identify with the term "Christian"

    Shared My Faith

    3 in 4 in Fresno, CA shared their faith in the past year


    Birmingham residents feel the strongest responsibility to share their faith (58%)


    Las Vegas has most politically conservative practicing Christians (64%)

    Top Protestant City

    Knoxville, TN has the greatest percentage of Protestants (83%)


    NYC has the largest population of Jewish residents (11%)


    More than 1 in 4 Green Bay, WI residents attend a Lutheran church

    Bible Readers

    66% of Shreveport, LA residents read the Bible in the past week


    Salt Lake City has the most people who volunteer weekly


    Chattanooga residents are more likely to have an orthodox view of God (86%)


    Las Vegas has highest attendance of churches with 1000+ members

    Don't Believe in God

    Boston has the highest number of residents (8%) who do not believe in God

    Notional Christians

    59% of Christians in Albany, NY have not made a commitment to Jesus

    Church Attendance

    More people attend church weekly in Chattanooga, TN than any other city


    Knoxville, TN has the highest number of Baptists (59%)


    97% of Pittsburgh residents have donated to a non-profit in the past year